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Derrick 1 year ago
Went to visit my brother had a key to his apartment walked in caught my wife with his dick down her throat. He'd just busted his nut as I walked in she was gagging on cum then they noticed me. I was pissed stripped told her she want dick we'd both give her dick. She hated anal I made her bend over clean up his cum soaked dick as I fucked her in the ass hard. Busted my nut went home packet my clothes it's been two years haven't seen either one since. I am now happily divorced and engaged.
Limp Dickz 1 year ago
Damn that much semen from two spurts? Black skin is beautiful and more beautiful with semen moisturizer.
Dirty Dick Hoe 6 years ago
It's the same person bruh
Big Dog 6 years ago
Two different hoes but I like them both